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Emaline’s Gift


Emaline’s Gift


Emaline walks down the dark street much more quickly than she would during the day. She tells herself to slow down and scolds herself for indulging silly, childish fears–she’s thirteen, after all!–but continues to hurry. There’s something spooky about this neighborhood at night and the sooner she can get back home, the better. 



The author had a desire when starting this book, to create a story that incorporated fantasy, wonder, power, intrigue, and faith for children who enjoyed series such as JK Rowlings, Harry Potter series.  This book is a good start.

The heroine, Emaline is a likable character, though we don’t get to delve too deep into her psyche in this book, I do hope that we get to learn more about her, because her “self” is there, waiting to be shared.  Emaline is a typical just-turned teenager with perhaps a bit too much responsibility and freedom, which lead to the situation at the lead of the book. 

The story itself is well thought-out and kept my interest the entire time.  The obeah are just as, but no more, evil than you would expect for a book written for the tween set.  The plot advanced nicely and I liked the fact that this book was not trying to be HP, it had it’s own set of why’s and how’s.  My only complaint would be that I really wanted more detail.  I wanted a better description of the Abby, of feelings, of relations.  The who was taken care of, I desired more of the what, when, where, and how, but this will come with more writing, and I do expect to see more from this author.


This book was written for children so, since I am blessed with a 9 year old who reads at the seventh grade level and who loves the Harry Potter series, I let her read it too.  She tells me that she loved it, could not put it down.  She really liked the fact that the book was faith-based and is waiting not-so-patiently for the next one.  She is a bit like me that way.