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Covenant by Beverly Lewis


I had pondered reading books by this author for years, and always wondered if her books were as good as they looked. I saw this book on kindle, free for download, and considered it providence so-to-speak. The characters were very likable and real, which I was very thankful for. So many times stories of people of faith seem super-human and are able to overcome every struggle with nary a care. This book firmly puts that theory to bed. I loved the description of Gobbler’s Knob and the surrounding area, and how the towns people treated the “Plain” folks.

The story begins with the somewhat, but not completely, public downfall of one girl, the oldest in a family of four girls, Abrams Daughters. I think people will immediately cleave to the second daughter though, Leah. The second daughter is responsible and sweet, you immediately want to come to her defense when you hear of the situation that her father and the neighbors father have set up.

I can not say for certain if all the aspects of Amish lifestyle as described in this book are true or not, as I don’t honestly know. My one only quibble would be that she uses the phrase “Wonderful gut” a lot, and I kept wanting to change it it “vonderful gut”. It is a very small quibble indeed.

I raced through the book rather voraciously until the very end. I got to 95% completion and wondered how in the world she was going to wrap this story up in any sort of fashion with such a small bit of the book left. All of a sudden, the book just shifted gears and went off in five new directions. Instead of an ending, she completely leaves you hanging. While some people may appreciate that, I did not. I like a book that stands on its own, even if it is part of a series, for that I could only give this story three stars. Thank you for reading.