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Lunden’s Game, by Robert D. Rose

I put off writing this blog post for a little while. I finished this book almost a year ago, when I was not blogging. Then I didn’t do it because I volunteered to be the writer for the fan page of this author on Facebook, you can find that link on the bottom of this post.

After that, I didn’t, and still don’t, want people to think I penned this just for site traffic for the Facebook page, my goal from the very beginning has been to spread the word about this book, because it is, as I keep telling everyone, quite good.


Lunden’s Game can be ordered through  Amazon Here is the link for you, I apologize it is messy,


Lundens Game cover



I did not want to seem like I am selling his books, I am not. I get nothing but a thank you for being the admin for his page, something that he, as an author with little time on his hands, wants little to do with. On the contrary, I am the admin for that page because I truly hope that more people will read his book (soon-to-be books) and enjoy them as much as I do. Now you know my perspective, honesty is best.

This is a crime/suspense novel with a twist, you know who did it the whole time. I really liked the flashback’s to WWII Austria and how that part of Lunden’s life brought him to this point in the story. The book revolves around a few characters that are all interesting and unique, but you wonder how they will all connect, they come so close. The suspense is palpable. There is such tension-building through the whole book that you just can not put it down until you figure out if Lunden and his young minion will get caught, and what if they don’t….

By the time I got 3/4’s of the way through the book, there was no way I was putting it down. I HAD to know what was going on! Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I couldn’t have been more wrong, and if I were a betting woman, I bet you will be too.


The Facebook link as promised.

2 thoughts on “Lunden’s Game, by Robert D. Rose

  1. Thank you for your many efforts in my behalf, and your support for Lunden’s Game. I have a pair of other Lake Thayer crime novels in the planning, but for now it’s full-steam-ahead on A Blue Frog Occasion, a fantasy novel I hope to get onto Amazon some time this November.

    The World War II chapter was the result of a week’s research at the graduate library system for the University of Michigan, and from about 40 years of collecting books on espionage of that era. Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.) is featured in the BBC-TV series “Wish Me Luck,” which I recommend.


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