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On Higher Ground, Paula Hrbacek

On Higher GroundOn Higher Ground by Paula Knoderer Hrbacek
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Melody Worlds can’t catch a break, everything that could possibly go wrong with her life, seems to be. She loses her parents, job, and community, forced to live in a ghetto/slum area to afford rent and simple necessities. The one ray of kindness she gets is from a male neighbor who wants (or seems to want) more than Melody is willing to give. Melody suffers a blistering epiphany on her way home from a job interview and the story picks up from there literally going from the dregs of the dumpster to the highest mountaintop.

The descriptions of the people and events in the poor neighborhood reflect the authors understanding of the poor in America, and while she tries to obliterate some stereotypes, she tries to confirm others. One interesting point about the book are the many little charitable tips you can glean through reading it.

I will be frank, I had a tough time with the angels. I put down the book for over a week because of them. Even the wording she uses to describe them are words used to describe the Holy Spirit. I think if she had replaced the angels with the still small voice of the Holy Spirit instead, this could have been a better book. The angels get in the way of the message, which stands on it’s own. America needs Jesus, not fallible angels.

I think this book is very readable and a good little story, especially if you tend to like emotional roller coasters (and many do) the ultra-realism in the beginning contrasted with the end will satisfy you.

I received this book free, to read it for review, and was not compelled in any way to review it positively.

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