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Author Spotlight ~ Tony Bertot

SONY DSCI recently received an email from Author Tony Bertot inquiring as to if I would do a review of his book, Heart of an Assassin, which I reviewed here. After my review he contacted me about doing a read-through of four of his other books, which I agreed to do.

The books in the Assassin Trilogy detail the life of Theo Gresco and his family. Heart actually takes place second chronologically, but you should read it in the order that they were written for the best reading experience. While you can tell that Bertot is a fairly new author, the ability to tell a story is definitely there. The trilogy of Heart, Birth, and Legacy of an Assassin are interesting in that, even though you feel like you know the assassin, you really don’t get very much from his point-of-view.

There are a plethora of characters to follow, almost too many for my taste, however if you are diligent about following each one it will weave a tail that seems like a huge, disturbingly dysfunctional family.

As Tony moves out of the Assassin trilogy, his writing becomes better, bolder, and more imaginative. Hell Train is his next book and it takes you with George on his trip into and back from Purgatory. This book is full of Tony’s thoughts on what Hell is like and how you get there. Each character you meet in this book goes through a slightly different process of rebellion or acceptance and it is a fascinating, if quick, read.

Lastly, The Tragedy Chronicles detail a portion of the life of a fallen angel, a Taker named Tragedy. She has evaded detection by the Heavenly angels for much longer than any other Taker and that has made her a force to be reckoned with. One wrong move has made her a target and Lucifer has to hide his most prized Taker. He hides her in a newborn and the Heavenly angels then have the task of saving both Tragedy and the girl who is now in danger.

Parts of this story I vehemently disagree with, but it isn’t about me and it is a work of fiction so my disagreement lends little to the discussion. This is the author’s story and he does tell it well.

You can find out more about Tony and where to get his books at The Storyteller Tony Bertot