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Author Melissa Stevens ~ Live

Melissa Stevens is an Indie author from Yuma, Arizona who writes Romance and Paranormal Romance. She is a wife and mother to 4 children and a rambunctious dog. Her books can be found on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Itunes, along with other trusted Ebook retailers.

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Melissa, I am going to ask you a question I am sure you get tired of answering, but since your books take place very near where you are, I think it is pertinent. How is the weather in AZ?

 Right now, 75 and partly cloudy. We had a rain a few days ago but it didn’t last nearly long enough. I would like to be back where these books take place, it is cooler there, about the 60’s. The only good time to live in Yuma is in the winter.

Your sixth full-length novel comes out today. It is the culmination of three years or so of work, is it good to have it finished, or are you a bit sad that those characters have made it through?

It was a lot of work, but at the same time, it feels done. I don’t feel like I have any more story to tell with them. I will miss them, sure, and there may be reason to visit them later in my other series, but it feels done.

Nickie is the main character of the Kitsune Series (culminating with Live), was she born in your own mind, a bit of someone you know, or maybe a little bit of yourself?

She was complete born in my mind, not really someone I know.

The title of your newest book is Live. For someone who hasn’t read the rest of the series, is it pronounced live (to live my life) or live (live television)?

Live, as in I want to live. Every title has been something that has had to happen in the book. In Change she discovers her ability to change. In Fight, she had to fight for her freedom. Hunt is a man hunt, and in Live she has to re-learn how to live.

What is your favorite genre to read and do you have any authors that influenced you or guided you in your decision to write?

My favorite to read is some kind of Romance, historical, contemporary, paranormal it doesn’t matter. Laurell K. Hamilton, Lora Leigh, and Kristen Ashley are a few.

Do you think you would ever write a different genre, like crime?

I probably will, there was a lot of thriller/crime themes in the Kitsune series. I write whatever I am in the mood to write.

You are dealing with teenagers in your life outside of writing right now, do you think you will ever write YA? Do they ever ask about your writing or have interest in following in your footsteps?

They have interest in it, but not reading it. Two of my girls have interest in writing. Right now, I can’t say that I would write YA or New Adult, but that is not to say that I won’t write something that is Young Adult acceptable at some point.

If you could give one piece of advice to a new writer who is not yet published, what would it be?

Write every day and never give up.


Thank you Melissa for joining us today. Happy Release day to you! And now for the teaser from Live:


“Mouse,” Devon called. “Come over here a minute, will ya?”

Mickey came over and stood beside Devon. “What d’ya need, boss?”

“I want you to spar with Nickie. You’re closer to her size, it should work out well.”

Mickey looked hesitant. “You sure boss? I work out every day, I wouldn’t want to hurt her.”

Devon smiled. “I’m sure. I’m not worried about you hurting her, but give her a good work out. I’ll watch and see if I can figure out what we can do to improve her technique. I want her able to fight back should someone come after her again.”

“Yes, sir.” Mickey nodded once then turned to me. “You ready?”

“You bet.” I grinned and led him a short distance away, just far enough that Devon and Gavin wouldn’t be in our way.

“You sure about this?” Gavin asked Devon as I bent my knees and braced.

I grinned. This was gonna be fun. I waited, watchful, for Mickey to make the first move.

Devon’s response to Gavin was lost in Mickey’s grunt when he went for me. I grabbed one arm and flipped him over my shoulder in a move much like the one Rafael had done earlier. Mickey hit the mat and rolled to his feet again, but I’d learned from watching him earlier and I wasn’t going to let him get behind me. I spun easily, keeping Mickey in front of me as he tried again and again to slip behind me or sweep my feet from beneath me.

After several minutes I was tired of playing with him and I feinted a punch toward his jaw, when he lifted his hands to defend himself I tucked low and ran, hitting him in the abdomen with one shoulder. Standing, I lifted him with me and flipped him over my body. He landed on his back and lay there stunned and blinking. Instead of gloating over my success, I went back, easily rolling his nearly limp body and planting one knee in the middle of his back. I grabbed one foot and curled it back until he was sweating.

“Enough.” Devon called.

I released Mickey’s foot and moved away, grinning at the surprised look on Gavin’s face.

Mickey pushed himself upright. He looked at me a moment then at Devon, who merely smiled. “You knew she’s tougher than she looks, didn’t you?” Mickey asked.

“I did.” Devon said. “But I didn’t lie about you being a good match for her. You’re both fast and I want her to learn a little more finesse so she can rely on her strength a little less.”

“Did you teach her that?” Rafael asked, joining the group.

Devon shook his head. “She came to me that way, I suspect we’ve got her brothers to thank for what she already knows.” 

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