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Dead Ringer ~ VB Tenery

51YzJ7tMKoL._UY250_The story captivated me at once. Was Mercy who she said she was or was her amnesia to blame for this case of mistaken identity? It isn’t until about midway through the book that that question finally gets a solid answer. Thomas Wallace, the heir to a thriving oil machinery manufacturing company, kidnaps Mercy Lawrence thinking that she is his estranged wife, Traci.
Mercy cannot leave Thomas and Traci’s son Daniel, who has just had heart surgery. She can’t make him lose his mother twice. Mercy loves Daniel almost from meeting him and will protect him at all costs.

I won this book on a blog stop, I hadn’t heard of this author before, but I will certainly be looking for more of her work, the flow is excellent, the characters compelling, all-in-all a five star read.


716f44CfcsL._UX250_From Goodreads: Author V. B. Tenery lives with her family in East Texas. Her passion is writing books with shining characters and settings and plots so exciting readers come away feeling delighted with the experience. Not content to stay in one genre, her novels range from contemporary suspense and supernatural suspense to an upcoming historical suspense set in WWII England. When not writing, she enjoys reading, hiking, and tube floating down rivers in the Hill Country

God’s child trying to make Him proud.


Thank you for joining me today!

I have to start with the Dead Ringer, I love books with great dialogue and
well-built scenes and this book had both. Many of my followers are
also writers, do you have any tips for building a great scene without
overdoing it?

I wish I had a formula, then I could repeat it, but I
think of my stories as being character driven. I get to know them and
how they would react in a given situation. And it isn’t always easy. My
first novel took me years to get to know the characters. Perhaps
because it was the first. That novel is part of an ongoing series and
I’ve come to know them like my family.

Do you ever do book signing engagements and if so, what is the
funniest thing you’ve ever been asked to sign in a book?

The only thing I’ve been asked to sign is a book. I don’t do a lot of
book signings because as an unknown author not many people show up. Now
if I drew crowds like Michael Connelly or the late Vince Flynn, I
would do lots of book signings. 🙂

I love all of the technology and weaponry in Dead Ringer, did you go
anywhere or meet anyone to research that part of the book and are you
concerned that putting those types of details in might date the book?

I’m glad you ask that question because I collect technology for my
stories and I do tons of research. When I see something interesting, I 
file it away to use later.
Did you know that fingerprints can be raised from cloth even if its
been in the water? I used that in Works of Darkness.
Did you know that there is a military sniper rifle that can now lock 
onto a target so that even a fair marksman can be an expert? I used that in
Then There Were None.

I don’t worry about dating my novels. A lot of publishers do, but I
think good writing tops everything. For instance, Michael Connelly who
I mention above, when he wrote his first novel, cell phones didn’t
exist. He had to stop at pay phones. I’ve read everything he has ever
written and it doesn’t faze me at all.

Are you currently working on a manuscript or have you recently
released anything you’d like to tell us about?

Yes and Yes. I released The Watchman in October of 2014, and I’m currently working on Downfall,
book three in the Matt Foley/Sara Bradford series. You can read the first three chapters of all my novels on my website.

Thank you for inviting me and thanks for the great reviews. They are 
much appreciated.


Thank you so much for joining me, I loved the book and can’t wait to
read more from you! You can find VB Tenery at Amazon

V. B. Tenery
Works of Darkness March 2014
Dead Ringer May 2014
Then There Were None September 2014
The Watchman October 2014
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