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Kinsale Kisses ~ Elizabeth Maddrey

Kinsale KissesKinsale Kisses by Elizabeth Maddrey

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rachel is hurt and running from her past. A past that held security and safety. After her parents passing, she is forced to sell the business that she’d hoped would be hers. Her only family left, a 70 year old aunt in Ireland, asks for her to come help her out. Rachel rushes to Ireland to forget the pain of her loss and hopes to find a new plan, a new safety net.
Her first night in town she meets Colin, an American traveling through Ireland singing for his supper. He is everything Rachel wants nothing of. She wants security and a plan, a traveling musician can’t provide that, but there’s more to Colin than meets the eye and if Rachel will take time to really search her heart and listen to him, and Him, maybe she can find her heart’s desire.

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I gave this a 4 star at Amazon (both are equal to “I like it”)