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Failed Moments ~ A Robert Allen

Failed MomentsFailed Moments by A. Robert Allen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was contacted by the author and offered a free book for a review, it in no way guarantees a positive review.

Failed Moments is the tale of one man given one last chance to correct mistakes he’s made in past lives. His aunt Grace is with him, though in different roles, in each of his lives and she acts as a guide through each section.
The history is fascinating, the characters and story-line compelling. Patrick must ultimately stand up for what is right in two stressful and life-threatening situations in order to get it right and move on to Heaven.

This being a work of speculative fiction, my disagreement with portions of the book are of little import (except perhaps to other readers like myself who do hold their faith as exceedingly important). Other than the philosophical differences, the story is strong and poignant showing that no matter what era we live in, we all have choices that have direct consequences on the lives of others.

While I did (as I said) have some degree of disagreement with the premise, I think this is still a good historical read. The author does a good job of describing the anxiety, situations, and settings of places and major events in history.

13476580A. Robert Allen is a longtime New York City college administrator with a lifelong passion for writing. When he traced his family tree back hundreds of years and uncovered roots that were white, black, Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish, the seed of a story began to grow. Failed Moments is a fictional account of the exploits of his ancestors during racially charged periods in the past.

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