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Under Construction

Over the last few months, I’ve been working toward making this blog more focused on writing than editing. Though I still love editing, I want writing to be my focus. In the next few weeks, I will be changing the address of this blog. Some of the content will move, some won’t. You don’t have to worry, I’ve been told they can move you right along with me.

Now for the big news. I’ve written a novella that will lead into the three novels I’m hoping to have traditionally published. Think of it as Whitte Sisters 0.5. I want to offer that novella for free as soon as it is polished and ready. My hope is to offer it to those who follow my blog (the new one). If you already follow, no problem. You will be able to request it. I will have more information on that soon. In the meantime, happy summer reading season!


Now it’s your turn. I’d love some suggestions for summer reading.


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