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Opportunity Knocks

When a friend posted to my Facebook wall that a Christian author was coming within a half-hour of my home on a book tour, my response was, “Cool.” I looked up the author’s tour dates and found she was giving a class on writing two hours from me, even more cool, but not do-able. I had prior engagements. Though I have in-laws where she was going to speak and it would have been fun to go get pointers (never stop learning).

Then, two days later, her agent whom I happen to adore and follow on Facebook, posts that she will also be coming along on the tour. I went from “Cool” to “I can’t miss this” in 48 hours. I still can’t attend the class, as much as I really want to. Commitments are just that. But, I vowed to attend the one close to my house. Since I live in the middle of nowhere, chances are better that I will get more personal time with the author anyway.

I diligently poured over my proposal the last few nights and wrote up an elevator pitch. I’ve never needed one, thinking I wouldn’t be able to attend a conference this year anyway. I called the event coordinator and she assured me I didn’t have to reserve a time. This made alarm bells go off in my head. I doubted an agent would meet with potential clients if they were not scheduled.

I still felt like this was an opportunity, but I wanted to make sure I did not leave the agent thinking of me as a rube. I messaged the agent on Facebook and asked what the appropriate action would be. I know this is not always the best policy, but in this case, I took a chance. As an aside, she is one of three agents I would love to work with and have followed for seven months. The agent let me know that she would not be able to keep track of a proposal with all the stops on their trip, but she would be happy to talk with me. I sent her a prompt thank you and did the closest thing to a happy dance as I’m able. Now, I’m polishing, perfecting, and memorizing my pitch. I’m confident in my story, I’m not as confident in me. If you feel compelled to send up a prayer for me…I’d be grateful.