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Swept Away ~ Mary Connealy

Swept Away (Trouble in Texas, #1)Swept Away by Mary Connealy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ruthie gets washed up the river away from a fated marriage. Luke is running home to exact revenge or justice depending on who you’re talking to on the man who killed his father and stole his land. He never intended to find a Ruthie sodden and starving after an accident. He has to take her with him. If his land war doesn’t kill her, she might just make a good wife.

While I did like this story, parts of it felt pushed. For example, the marriage. They had known each other a week and it seemed to come out of nowhere. She seemed to annoy him more than endearing herself to him. I agree that a stressful situation can push two people together I would have liked to see them have more conversation, the attraction was great between the two, palpable even, but heart yearned for sweet dialogue to bring the two together.

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