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Romantic Proposals


The great proposal scene
The great proposal scene

I’ve been thinking about proposals lately. I’ve read a few good ones, thought about my own so many years ago, and another writer friend recently bounced ideas off me for a good proposal scene. Invariably, it is one of the toughest scenes to write. Every reader has certain expectations of a good one. Will your hero get it right?

Of course this is debatable, but I think if there is to be proposal at the end, it better be even better than the first kiss. It should fit the characters and if the story is sweet, it should make you at least sniffle. An emotional proposal can leave you sure of a happily ever after ending.

Sometimes, author’s will intentionally flub the proposal (mistakes happen, women do say ‘no’ sometimes). In that case, the proposal can act as a tension builder. Does he really love her? Is he the right guy? Was the author stringing us along, does another guy come along to do it right?

So you see, either way, the proposal works in a romance to draw you, the reader, closer to the main characters. The more questions you ask yourself while you read (making you want to read more) the better. Even if that great proposal is on the last page. Who doesn’t want to read more from an author who can leave you feeling empty without the characters you just invested your last 7 hours to?

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