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Knitting in the Tree

I posted this on a blog I had a few years ago. We put our tree up today and the situation is virtually the same. It brought my mind back to this post.

We finally put up the Christmas tree in our small living room. It was an involved affair with moving book shelves, mountains of books, a huge rug, and other furniture. Placement had to be a certain distance from the wood stove, and not be in the way of life. What it did manage to do was take away my table, the table I used to keep my knitting away from little fingers whilst I’m not knitting.  As any knitter with small children can tell you, it is no fun to follow a trail of yarn through your house, finding needles along the way. Only to meet up with the crime scene of your wasted project, wrapped in a yarn barf of epic proportions.  If the project is large or quite detailed this can lead to you using tones perhaps not quite befitting of a lady.

Since my table is now unavailable, I’ve had to make use of other hiding places…such as the tree.  My toddler has yet to find them, and they are rather funny, sitting there in the tree.  My husband laughs every time he sees them.  Just so we are clear, this will not make me want to keep the tree up any longer, but it does make me enjoy the tree in a new way.

Two projects hidden in my tree.
Two projects hidden in my tree.
During the day, they are easier to see.
During the day, they are easier to see.

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