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Goals for 2016

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Strangely enough, I am not really big into New Year’s resolutions. I am big into goals. This is most likely because resolutions are often vague and superfluous such as, “I’m going to get healthier in the new year.” Good for you. What does that look like? Is it quantifiable? No. Good luck on keeping it.

Now a goal, that is worth talking about. Give yourself something to pin to your mirror and look in the face every morning. What is it that will drive you this year, because something will. A goal is defined. You can measure when you start and when you finish. It can be small or large. Perhaps it’s a huge goal, comprised of a large number of smaller hurdles to overcome.

Here are a few of mine. We can revisit them in a year to see what I attained. if anything. I think it is important to write your goals out or tell someone, a dream that isn’t shared is but a wish.

  1. I will finish publishing The Western Vows novels that I’ve got planned. I have not decided if that series is done after three or not, but all three should be published by the end of 2016.
  2. Begin a new series that I have plotted. Get the first novel completely written and edited.
  3. Continue to blog at least 14 times each month.
  4. Interact on a daily basis with my followers on Social Media.
  5. Submit my new series to the 4 Traditional (small) Publishers I’ve chosen to follow.

It has been a good year and I thank each and every one of you for reading, following, and commenting. You make this more than just talking to myself. Have a blessed New Years and make your goals big!

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