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Goodreads year in review

For the last two years I have set a goal on Goodreads to read a certain number of books. This year, my goal was 60 books. I beat that goal, plus a few that I couldn’t add because they were beta reads or ARCs and they were not listed on Goodreads by the end of the year. Here are the books I read this year and below I will list my 10 favorite reads of 2015, it does not mean they were published this year, only that I read them.

My Goodreads challenge is here Goodreads It is important to note that I only read the first 1000(ish) pages of the Diana Gabaldon series, that was about all I could take. It gave me credit for reading them all because I read from the compilation.

The ten best books I read this year in no particular order are.

Beauty Restored, Rachel Skatvold: It isn’t often I get truly drawn in by a novella, this one did.

The Butterfly and the Violin, Kristy Cambron: The stories woven between past and present left me thinking about the characters (especially those in the past) for days after reading it.

Amungst the Flames, T.K.Chapin: I wasn’t sure what to expect, a romance written by a man. I was blown away by how well the characters in this novel were written and I’ll be reading more novels by Chapin in the coming year.

Through Waters Deep, Sarah Sundin: I fell in love with the cover, it is one of the few books I got in print and will not give up or lend out because I want it on my shelf to re-read whenever the mood strikes me.

The Hesitant Heiress, Dawn Crandall: First person POV is generally one I avoid, but not with this author. She has a way of writing in first person that does not feel intrusive, but more like your closest friend is telling you a grand adventure as you sit together sipping tea.

The Heiress of Winterwood, Sarah E. Ladd: I picked up the trilogy when it was on sale on Amazon, and I’m so glad I did. Regency English writing at it’s finest, the first two are my favorites. I’ll be looking into her newest novel in 2016.

Dead Ringer, V.B. Tenery: I wasn’t sure about this novel when I started it. I was sure I knew exactly what was going to happen from the get-go. I was wrong and because of that, enjoyed the novel thoroughly.

Fresh Start Summer, Beverly Nault: I loved these characters from page one. They are not your typical 20-30 something perfect characters. They have age and sometimes wisdom, lots of humor.

Sweet Journey, Teri Maxwell: I read this book as part of a Bible study with a group of my friends and gained so much perspective and wisdom from it. I highly recommend it. (non-fiction)

The Four Loves, C.S. Lewis: I’d wanted to read this for a number of years and finally made time this year. I wasn’t disappointed. Lewis has a way of saying something incredibly profound and inviting you to understand along with him.


I know some people don’t get behind the Goodreads reading challenge for various reasons. I do it as a way to keep track of what I’ve read. It is less a challenge and more of an easy link to my annual book journal. Do you do a Goodreads challenge or have a reading log?



4 thoughts on “Goodreads year in review

  1. Hi, Kari. I’m happy to see non-fiction interspersed throughout your list. I’ve never read any of C.S. Lewis’ non-fiction. I always here how amazing it is, but I have always thought it may be too “English” or dated. Starting with a shorter read like The Four Loves sounds like a nice idea. By the way, the synopsis sounds amazing. I’ve added a few others from your list to my tbr, as well. Dead Ringer sounds like such a different kind of romance. I know that will be one I check out soon.

    As for Goodreads, I use it for keeping track of my reading mostly. I will write reviews, as well, but mostly for ARCs that I’ve read. I will always rate a book, though.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! I started the year reading a nonfiction book for every two fiction novels I read, but that quickly changed as I was asked to read and review quite a few. I want to get back into the habit this year.
      Goodreads is a great tool for keeping track of what you read, and when. It would have been difficult to compile my list without it.

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