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Author Spotlight ~ Pam Funke

I don’t often review books intended for children. Pam Funke was kind enough to send me three of her children’s books for me to do just that. I read: Through the Eyes of a Child, Where Did I Come From, and Josh’s Wild Imagination.


Each of these books would be good to read to younger children as they have words that might be more than the younger set that they are for could read. They reinforce traditional Christian concepts such as: where do we come from? Who is Jesus? What is the Gospel? Eliminating Selfishness, and others. Some of the books have hand-drawn pictures, Where Did I Come From has photos. I gave each of these books four stars, they were cute, enjoyable, and wholesome

Josh’s Wild Imagination: 

Josh’s Wild Imagination follows Josh through the fridge to the land of Midian where he meets the Fruggies. The Fruggies are little apostles who evangelize children to help their parents come back to Jesus.


This is a cute story geared toward the younger set, the hand-drawn artwork is cute and the story flows well. Great opportunity to encourage younger kids to ask questions. I would recommend this is read via computer or tablet, the pictures don’t come through as well in black and white.


Through the Eyes of a Child: 


Through the Eyes of a Child is a collection of short stories that center on teaching children a life lesson in a short, easy format. Could be used at bedtime or as a homeschool Bible lesson for young learners.


Each story is only a few pages long and includes a photo of one of God’s creatures along with a story. I would recommend this is read via computer or tablet, the pictures don’t come through as well in black and white and kids will enjoy the various pictures of bugs. Lizards, etc.


Where Did I Come From?: 


Where Did I Come From? Follows the life of Sammy through hatching and meeting with various other sea creatures. Sammy goes through various trials real sea turtles would face, such as potentially becoming dinner for a bird. Could be used as a homeschool science lesson for young learners as a part of a unit study.

This book has great imagery to get little imaginations working!

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  1. I like learning about children’s books, too. I enjoy writing stories for children. Also, like to share new books with our family. Thank you for posting about these books. 🙂

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