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Review of For Richer or Poorer, reblogged from Lesley Ann McDaniel

Can love soften a vengeful heart? 


For Richer or Poorer Kari Trumbo

“Sticks? You want me to give the man I want to convince to marry me a ball of sticks?” She held her hand back to throw it at him.

“It isn’t just sticks.” He raised up his hands to catch it if she followed through with her threat. “It’s a mistletoe ball. Don’t you know about mistletoe?”

“No. I don’t know why leaves would help me or be a good gift, hence, why I want to throw this at you.”

“Well don’t. It’s pretty fragile. I just made it this morning. A mistletoe ball is placed in a doorway and the woman caught underneath it must be given a kiss.”

Elizabeth considered this. “Kissing sticks?” She laughed inspecting the little green ball with one eyebrow notched dangerously high. “Does Robert know of this nonsense, or am I going to have to explain it?”

“I’m sure Robert knows. I think I even caught him a year or two ago kissing some unsuspecting lass under the mistletoe.”

Elizabeth shot daggers at him with her eyes. “Where can I find him?”


The leading lady’s heart is as cold as a Minnesota winter in FOR RICHER OR POORER, book two in Kari Trumbo’s “Western Vows” historical romance series.

Scarlett O’Hara-esque Elizabeth Whitte has traveled from her ranch in Kansas for one reason—to marry the man whose “bride wanted” ad she had answered, and take him back home to claim her father’s ranch. It seems her father has declared that the first of his daughters to marry and produce a male heir will become owner of the ranch.

It’s 1900 and, times being what they are, Elizabeth can’t make the trip unescorted. That’s where Robert, a Canadian Mountie who’s as kind as he is handsome, enters the scene. He has seen Elizabeth safely to the small Minnesota town where she is to meet her intended—a man whose name she doesn’t even know—before returning to his own home across the river in Fort Frances.

But nothing goes as Elizabeth had planned. She winds up in need of a job and a place to stay and, well, who better to come to your rescue in the frigid northern wilderness than a Mountie?


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  1. That was enough to get any woman riled -the kissing another woman. I love it when an unexpected man -saves the day. Great story line, Kari.

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