For Richer or Poorer · Kari Trumbo

Reblogged Celebrate Love Blog Series with author Kari Trumbo and her new release, For Richer or Poorer

Today’s post is an interview on the Amethyst Eyes blog by Debbie Brown. I hope you’ll click on over and check it out.

Happy Valentines. all! By tonight, everyone will be tucked into their beds, all nice and warm. I never expected to see all those smiling faces this morning after braving temperatures close to -50 C. These kids are awesome! Personally, I think it’ll take me a week to thaw. The good news is that we’ll be back up to temperatures just below freezing…some 47 degrees warmer by Tuesday. Too bad old Mother Nature couldn’t just skip her sadistic dip into the arctic zone.

Yesterday we had Melanie with her latest release, and today Kari is the proud Mama of her latest novel, For Richer or Poorer. So stay away from the doors and windows, keep close to the fire and read on. Oh, I know, Onisha, you’re already warm down in Florida. One day I hope to join you for a glass of lemonade! Read the rest of the interview, here