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Year of blur

Year of blur Kari Trumbo

I have been weighed down with the pressure of my own deadlines lately. I made a goal in January of 75 books to read this year, blog every other day, publish the remainder of the Western Vows series and continue working toward my goal of becoming a hybrid author (both traditionally published and self-published).

I must have forgotten when making those goals that I homeschool children and other projects need to be done. Needless to say, I have let some things fall that I probably shouldn’t, like this blog. I certainly have not been posting every other day. Days go by in a blur, and I forget how many days have elapsed between each posting.

There are some things I have done right. My novella, a prequel to the Western Vows Series, Forsaking All Others will be with my beta readers by the end of the week. It should be published in early April. The third novel in the series, To Love and Comfort, is half-written. I had to take a short break from writing it to do another project which I’m excited to continue, but can’t tell you about yet. Don’t you love secrets?

My reading schedule has been voracious. Some have been requests from other authors to read and review, others have been from blog tours or companies such as NetGalley and BookCrash that give away free books in exchange for an honest review, others have been for the sake of reading something that I choose for a change. After 22 books in three months…I’m worn out. I haven’t read anything in 4 days and don’t miss it quite yet. I know I will soon.

Now, as to hybrid authoring. I have taken steps toward that goal (hint: that would be the secret project I can’t say anything about). There is never a guarantee that a publisher will look at you, no book you can read to increase your chances. You write your best work, have your book critiqued by other professionals in the industry, then have it edited. After all that work is done, you pray that you have done everything in your power to attract the fickle eye of a publisher. They see so many words. You can only hope that your voice stands out in a sea.

I will keep you posted on how everything is working out. Lastly, let me tease one last time. From the novella, Forsaking All Others, in its somewhat raw state as it is right now.

“Pete.” She shook him. “Wake up, something is out there.”

Pete’s eyes opened to narrow slits and he looked at her, sleep still in complete control of him. She shook him again as an ominous groaning sound came from the other side of the rock. Looking up, she caught sight of a huge furry head with a brown muzzle and black nose. A great paw with massive claws came over the top of the rocks. She heard it snort as it sniffed the air. Her eyes flew wide open and she couldn’t control her gasping breaths.

Pete sat upright, fully awake now. He grabbed for his pack lying next to hers by the far rock wall and banged their spoon against a cook pot. The bear looked down at him with inquisitive, almost sad-looking eyes. It climbed onto the rock above them and stared down, its sides expanding and contracting as if this was nothing new, like it woke humans every day.

“Rose,” he whispered, “whatever you do, don’t run. You can’t outrun it, do you hear me?” He didn’t look away from the bear. Banging on the pot with increasing speed, he didn’t seem to have any effect on the massive, hairy beast.

The bear climbed down into their small enclosure. Rose held her breath. She wanted to run more than breathe. Pete gave her a look that told her to stay put. She scooted on her backside as far away from the bear as she could, until her back hit the rock and she was trapped. It sniffed the air again and grabbed for Rose’s pack, which carried the little food she’d scraped together for their trip. The invader turned around, climbed back over the rock and she heard it splash into the river and wade downstream.


In a few weeks, I will reveal the cover. I’m excited to show it to you!