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Tabitha, Girls from the Mountain ~ Vikki Kestell

Tabitha (Girls from the Mountain #1)Tabitha by Vikki Kestell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tabitha, Girls from the Mountain, recounts the story of Tabitha Hale from the age of 14 when she leaves home to see her fortune with Cray, a man older and prone to selfishness. She finds herself in terrible circumstances and over the course of many years in must come to the end of her anger and hatred for Cray and for her life before her life can be changed for the better. She begins to make better choices and meets a good man, Mr. Carpenter.
Tabitha completes her nursing education at the beginning of WW1 hits. We are taken on Tabitha’s journey through the war and how it changes her into a completely new woman in Christ. I highly recommend this book for lovers of Historical Fiction and Historical Romance, though the romantic elements are overshadowed by the history. It is a fantastic fictional account.

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