Ghostwriters in Disguise

Ever wonder what a ghostwriter was or have you ever been interested in becoming one?

Pioneer Hearts

Ghostwriters in Disguise ~ by Merry Farmer

There’s been a lot of stress and confusion in Pioneer Hearts world lately over the concept of ghostwriters, what they are, and what exactly they do. I figured it was about time we had a quick tutorial on the subject to prevent any misconceptions and avert any stigma.

What is a Ghostwriter?

I’ll confess, the first time the concept ever dawned on me was years ago when Hillary Clinton published her book It Takes A Village. All politics aside, I blinked and did a double-take when someone explained to me that she hired a ghostwriter to pen it. “Wait,” I thought. “You can hire someone else to write a book and then put your name on it?” Yep! The concept blew my mind.

Since then, I’ve learned that a LOT of books out there in the world are ghostwritten. Do you know…

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