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A Newsworthy Event

Kari Trumbo newsletterI had a new release last week, it was certainly a good occasion to send out a newsletter. I had the signup sheet and some people signed up, but I didn’t send one. Why, you might ask? I couldn’t get a newsletter template that I liked enough to send out to the people who had signed up.

This poses a problem because I have another release coming next month and this one will be a big one. I’m working with three other authors on something brand new that I think you will really enjoy. This multi-author series will feature some of your favorite Christian western romance authors! We’ve created a little world in the foothills of Montana for you and I can’t wait to share more…but I have to get a template set up before I can.

In the meantime, here is a hint of the story to come next month. The title is Return To Me and it will be a novella. Enjoy!

The bride and groom turned to one another and took each other’s hands. Lilly frowned. Gwendolyn didn’t smile, in fact her mouth turned down in a dour scowl. She pulled her hands back so that he held only the tips of her fingers. Lilly glared at her. How could she have everything in this world and not show any gratitude? Why, if that were her standing up there…her imagination took her away and suddenly she stood in front of the little red chapel, gazing into James’s eyes. She looked down and saw her own ecru lace gown. She smiled. In her mind she heard the Reverend speak. James repeated the vows and Lilly blushed at his heartfelt words.

The Reverend started her vows, but it was Gwendolyn’s voice that repeated them. Lilly’s eyes flew open and her breath came fast. He couldn’t do this to her. He couldn’t marry Gwendolyn and leave her forever!

The Reverend looked at Gwendolyn. “Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Gwendolyn smiled and opened her mouth to reply.

Lilly shot to her feet. “No!” She looked at James, hoping he would realize in the last moment how much he loved her, not Gwendolyn. Instead, his face registered shock, mild recognition then frustration. Lilly looked around the chapel and saw every face she knew glaring at her. To them, she’d ruined something beautiful. Tears spilled over her cheeks and she ran for the door. She couldn’t bear to see James look at her like that for another moment.

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