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Testing the Waters ~ Lesley Ann McDaniel

Testing the Waters– book 1 of the Crescent Cove series:

Testing the waters is one thing, but Teresa Reynolds is in serious danger of going overboard.

Feeling down on herself after a breakup with her ultra-critical boyfriend, Teresa arrives in Crescent Cove, Oregon, for a weekend getaway. The trouble is, her ex-boyfriend’s claims that she’s uninteresting and unworthy of love have left her wishing she could be someone else. Then a chance encounter with a cute guy on the beach gives her the opportunity to reinvent herself…

Curt Mason is spending the summer avoiding women and getting over a broken heart. When he meets Térèse from Paris on the beach in Crescent Cove, his vow quickly goes out with the tide. Who is this mysterious woman, and why is he suddenly wracking his brain to remember every bit of French he learned back in high school just to try to impress her?

Being Térèse seems to bring out the best in Teresa, until her little game turns into a French knot of deception. Does she dare let Curt meet the person God made her to be?

Crescent Cove. Where true love comes in waves.


Testing the Waters deals with the desire to be someone you aren’t after someone tears you down. You are a creation in Christ and both characters had to deal with rejection, but they did it in different ways. This novella allows you to use your imagination. What happened between the “reintroduction” and the epilogue, no one knows except that it was good. I like that about this book.

Though this is easily a novella you could read in one sitting, I wasn’t able to. Life kept happening and days would go by where I couldn’t touch my kindle. What I loved was that I could pick this right back up and remember where I was, the main characters were that likable and engaging. I received this book free for an honest review which I have given.

Oceans Apart– book 2 of the Crescent Cove series:
This is the biggest weekend for the Inn at Crescent Cove since Lily Duarte bought it a year and a half ago—it’s been booked for a wedding. Now if only she can stop dwelling on the last wedding she planned, then called off at the eleventh hour…her own.
Trying not to regret breaking her engagement to her rage-aholic ex-fiancé, Lily puts all her focus on making this wedding a success. But when the bride turns out to be a nightmare and one of her key employees quits, Lily begins to question her ability to make it as a business owner. Even worse, she questions if she’ll ever find love with a man who doesn’t turn out to be controlling and abusive.
Matthew Case has flown all the way from Baghdad, where he runs a computer consulting business, to act as best man for a lifelong friend. While he’s happy to be there, the trip serves as a brutal reminder of how lonely is own life is. His purpose in Iraq is clear, but none of the women he’s met there have captured his interest, much less his heart. Is he just being too picky? When he enters the Inn at Crescent Cove, the gorgeous dark-haired owner grabs his attention. Could she also be the one to win his heart?
For Lily, the handsome best man could be the best thing about this wedding-gone-haywire, but he lives halfway around the world. Does she dare hold out hope that he’s really the Prince Charming he appears to be if their worlds are oceans apart?
Crescent Cove. Where true love comes in waves.
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