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A New Cutter’s Creek Novel

I have been incredibly busy the last few weeks writing the next novel in the Cutter’s Creek series. Each of the authors in the series will be working on our own novels. I am working on a series within the Cutter’s Creek series. If you read A Lily Blooms, you might have noticed a few names that seemed familiar. I mentioned at least one child from each union in the introductory series. One of those names was Penny Hanover. She is the daughter of the characters from Vivi Holt’s The Strong One. She was Lily’s closest friend and now gets a story of her own in A Penny Shines.

Kit Morgan is also working on the continuation of That Healing Touch. Those who are wondering what happened to Emma will find out soon!

Both Vivi and Annie are working on their novels right now as well, but they have been more secretive as to what they are about. I can’t wait to share more once I know. Annie’s release will be next, so watch for that soon. I’ll post a release notice here.

A Penny Shines picks up right where A Lily Blooms left off. In fact, you might feel a bit lost if you haven’t read Lily’s story. A Penny Shines begins at the end of the last chapter of A Lily Blooms, but before the epilogue, so you’ll have to rewind just a bit.

Penny Hanover had everything a girl in 1892 could want; a good job, a handsome man, and a ring as a promise. A normal night at the sweet shop turns terrifying as a gunman and a single shot rips her world apart. Penny wakes to find she can’t remember that day…or the love of her life.

Josiah Williams has a big secret and the residents of Cutter’s Creek love to speculate. When Josiah is accused of shooting his beloved, he can only do his best to finish the job he’s started and try to win his Penny back. He wants her to regain her memory and return to the woman she was, with his ring on her finger. But, is that too much to ask?

Now, because you can’t have a post about a new book without a cover reveal. Here is the gorgeous cover for A Penny Shines. Estamated release date, June 8!Kari Trumbo A Penny Shines

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