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New release in Cutter’s Creek

 I am excited to announce the release of the sweet historical western, A Penny Shines.

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Penny Hanover had everything a girl in 1892 could want; a good job, a handsome man, and a ring as a promise. A normal night at the sweet shop turns terrifying as a gunman and a single shot rips her world apart. Penny wakes to find she can’t remember that day…or the love of her life.

Josiah Williams has a big secret and the residents of Cutter’s Creek love to speculate. When Josiah is accused of shooting his beloved, he can only do his best to finish the job he’s started and try to win his Penny back. He wants her to regain her memory and return to the woman she was, with his ring on her finger. But, is that too much to ask?

Snippet from A Penny Shines

“So, are you ever going to tell me what did happen?” Carol sat slowly and slid to the edge of the chair. She licked her lips and her eyes grew wide.

“I…don’t remember. I was helping Mable clean up the store. I remember feeling apprehensive. As if I knew something was wrong. Then I woke up here about an hour ago. I wish I could help your brother, but I can’t lie.”

“My brother? That man is to be your husband! You said you loved him! How could you do this to him? You would leave a man you love to rot just because you don’t know for sure? He would never hurt you. Search your heart, Penny Hanover. You will know that he would never hurt you.” Carol sought and found Penny’s hand and clutched it. Penny tried to pull away from the cloying woman, but her lack of strength wouldn’t allow it.

“But that’s just it, Carol. I can’t. My heart can’t search what it doesn’t know. I feel nothing at the name Josiah. I don’t even know his last name.”

Carol scowled and slid back in her chair dropping Penny’s hand as if it carried disease. “Williams. His name is Josiah Williams.”

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