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The Badlands of South Dakota Author Kari Trumbo

In the beginning of July, my family and I took a trip into South Dakota. We visited a lot of wonderful places, some of them historical, some wild and untamed. The Badlands would fall under the wild and untamed category.

South Dakota is known for it’s cold and snowy winters, but the Badlands are hot and arid. The area gets under 10 inches of rain annually. When we visited, it was 101 degrees and so dry I had to keep applying lip balm. Author Kari Trumbo (2)

 On the north edge of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation The Badlands are so named because when the indigenous peoples considered whether the land was a blessing or a curse, the Bandlands were never a question. No water, little vegetation, very little wildlife and what there was/is could kill you. There are rattlesnake signs wherever there are scenic areas to stop and look. Author Kari Trumbo (1) My mother-in-law slipped when coming down an area where they let you climb and the alkaline ridges left a burn on her skin that even bothered her the next day. It is no wonder this are is known as the Badlands, though it is incredibly beautiful.

For more information, visit the Ben Reifel Visitor website at purchasing anything from the store helps preserve the Badlands National Park.

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  1. Two women from Vermont were lost there last night. Fortunately, they were found just a short time ago. Beautiful place; I love the Badlands, but very unforgiving to those who aren’t careful!


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