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My First Perma-Free Title

Forsaking All Others was originally written to give to my newsletter group as a thank you, way back when I wanted to publish that series traditionally. I was told by an agent not to do that, to never give away what people would be willing to pay for. So, I charged the absolute minimum for it for four months and made back what I paid to get it published. Now it’s free.  For the first time, those who are curious about my writing or the Western Vows series can get a small taste without paying to try it out.

I’ve seen big name authors do this and I think it is a good strategy, but mostly, I just want people to enjoy what I write and this is an inexpensive way to put my novels in front of people. I believe free books should be used sparingly, otherwise, people will expect you to give away everything. Loss leaders are used in every business; writing should not be an exception. If you haven’t read it yet, go ahead and get your free download. AmazonKobo, or iBooks.Forsaking All Others Kari Trumbo

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