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Western Wednesday: Ace’s Bride~Sylvia McDaniel plus giveaway

WesternWednesdays I’ll be featuring authors from a Facebook group I am a part of, Pioneer Hearts. The authors at Pioneer Hearts have two things in common, we write historical Westerns and we write Romance. You can find almost any heat level there that you’re looking for except erotica. Because of this fact, I’ve added a new little icon on the bottom of my Western reviews, a heat level, so you as a reader know what to expect.

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Ace’s Bride ~ Montana Sky Series

The Past Collides With the Future Creating Mail-Order Bride Sparks

After being gone for years, Mick ‘Ace’ Anderson ordered himself a mail-order bride and returned home to Morgan’s Crossing, Montana. But everything has changed at home. His reason for ordering himself a bride is dead, his brother and father have both remarried and Mick is hiding his alter ego, Ace, the gambler from his family. If things couldn’t get worse, his mail-order bride is right out of the past he’s trying to keep hidden.

Emily Black, or Lady Melody as she’s known in the saloon, is running from a much too ambitious fan who wants to make her his own caged singing bird. Realizing the only way to escape her over zealous suitor is to become unavailable, she signs up with a mail-order bride agency. But imagine her surprise when the man who lifts the veil at her wedding is non other than the attractive gambler in the saloon where Lady Melody sang.

Hiding from the past, can Mick and Emily start fresh or will the demons from the River Bottom Saloon follow them to Montana? And can the attraction they denied in Kansas City overcome their distrust and bring them together forever?


“I’m going to be late to my own wedding,” Mick ‘Ace’ Anderson said as he urged the horses faster down the rough road that led to Sweetwater Springs, Montana.
“There’s no sense in killing all of us driving this way,” his father Cal replied as he wrapped his arm around his wife, Edwina, to protect her from the jolting, speeding wagon. “There is no way we’re going to make it to the church on time.”
“I’m not going to have my new bride thinking I’ve stood her up at the altar,” Mick replied, urging the horses on, his stomach clenched in a knot. He was marrying a woman he’d never met and now a broken spoke on the wagon wheel had almost derailed the wedding.
“I’m sure Mrs. Norton will reassure her,” Faith Anderson said, his new sister-in-law who had recently married his brother Trent.. “Things happen and she’ll make her feel at home until we arrive.”
“If we make it,” his new stepmother Edwina said sarcastically. So much had happened in the years he’d been gone from the family he loved.
“I just can’t believe that we’re attending another wedding. The third Anderson wedding in three months.”
“Well, technically, two weddings since we had a double ring ceremony,” his brother replied. “Are you ready to marry someone you don’t know.”
“Yep,” he responded knowing he wanted this woman to keep him from returning to the life he’d left behind. Hoping that he wasn’t marrying a woman like Beth, his brother’s lascivious first wife.


Ace’s Bride is my first experience with Kindle Worlds and for those who haven’t read one yet, you should give it a try. At no point did I feel like I was missing part of a bigger picture within a series. Even though this seems to be a series within a series, I was able to read the whole thing as a stand-alone.

Ace’s Bride is a story set in the wilds of Montana on the brink of winter. Both Ace and Emily are hesitant about their new union and not for the usual Mail-Order-Bride reasons. Both have secrets that almost come to the fore with the very first kiss!

This was an exciting quick read that will leave you wondering if these two will make it. You’ll just have to read it to see if they do.

Author Bio:


Sylvia McDaniel is a best-selling, award-winning author of western historical romance and contemporary romance novels.
Known for her sweet, funny, family-oriented romances.
Sylvia is the author of The Burnett Brides, Lipstick and Lead Series, Scandalous Suffragette Brides, The Cuvier Widows, and several short contemporary romances.

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Heat Rating: 3 flames

light touches, no kissing





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  1. Well I love Kari Trumbo, and I strongly value her opinion. I have never heard of Sylvia McDaniel, but she is now on my radar thanks to Kari! Much love and look forward to reading her books!

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  2. I know I have several of Sylvia’s books, but not sure about having read and reviewed them. I do think I have some of the Kindle World Montana Sky books, but would have to go into my Kindle to see. I did sign up for her newsletter.

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    1. I have not read any of Sylvia’s books or any of the Kindle World’s either. This is something to look forward to in the next month, for I love to read, and discovering new authors

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  3. Kari, thanks so much for having me on your blog today and your kind words about Ace’s Bride. I really enjoyed writing about this couple and in Debra Holland’s Kindle World. Again, thank you. Now I’m going to spread the word about your blog.


  4. I LOVE the Montana Skies Kindle world! There are so many books there and I would agree that you can jump into any book and not feel that you are missing a previous story at all! I have read most of Debra Holland’s books who created this world and have to say that the authors who have joined the Kindle World writing effort do her series justice!!! This one is on my list to get!

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