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Western Wednesday: Faith and the Texas Lawyer ~ Carra Copelin plus giveaway

WesternWednesdays I’ll be featuring authors from a Facebook group I am a part of, Pioneer Hearts. The authors at Pioneer Hearts have two things in common, we write historical Westerns and we write Romance. You can find almost any heat level there that you’re looking for except erotica. Because of this fact, I’ve added a new little icon on the bottom of my Western reviews, a heat level, so you as a reader know what to expect.

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 Faith and the Texas Lawyer

A Time-Travel Romance

Faith Daniels has had a hard time fitting in all her life, from the time she was left on the steps of a firehouse to her recent divorce. The only time she feels connected is when she rehabs old houses. Often she wishes she could have experienced life in a simpler time. Her current project, a 1900 Galveston mansion, is all she ever wished for and more. When some mysterious force transports her from 2016 to 1900, just prior to the most devastating natural disaster on record, will Faith give up all she has attained in her present life to stay in the past with the sexy turn-of-the- century lawyer?

Joseph Benning has serious trust issues. He is still recovering from the jolt of being dumped by his fiancé shortly before their wedding. In order to prove to himself he can manage on his own without a woman in his life, he decides to reach outside of his routine and buy a house. Suddenly, a strange woman shows up inside his house telling fantastic stories of disaster and destruction. Will Joe be able to make the right decision and let her go, when it comes time to save her life?


A while later, freshly bathed and much better smelling, Faith stood in front of the Cheval mirror in the room she’d slept in last night. She’d put on a chemise, a pair of drawers, for lack of a better word, both sporting bows of pink satin ribbon and lace.
She held up a pink satin corset in front of her and realized why women in this time had a lady’s maid. There was absolutely no way she could tie the pink ribbon laces herself, and she’d never fit into the dress without the wretched device. As she saw it, if she wanted to visit 1900 Galveston, and she really did, she would have to ask for help. Even if the help came from the housekeeper, aka bouncer.
Faith peeked out into the hallway from behind the door. What time was it getting to be and where would she find a certain loyal housekeeper? The chimes of the grandfather clock traveled up the stairs from the reception hall. She hadn’t counted the bells, but a quick calculation told her it must be noon, and that led her to think lunch was probably being made.
Right or wrong in her assumption, she made her way to the back stairs that led to the kitchen, her left arm holding the corset next to her middle. Halfway down, she heard dishes clinking together and knew she’d been right.
“Sorry for the interruption,” she said, “But do you think you could help me?” Her bare feet had hardly stepped off the last tread onto the linoleum floor covering, when Joe’s voice answered.
“I’d be more than happy to oblige, how can I be of assistance?”
She grabbed the banister with both hands to keep herself from falling backward, remembered she was wearing underwear, and did her best to cover herself. “You scared the-you-know-what out of me!” she scolded him. “What are you doing in here?”
“Putting together sandwich makings so we can eat before we go out.” He set the plate of ham he’d been holding onto the counter, and faced her with a grin on his face. Hand on his hip, he looked her over, raised an eyebrow, and returned her question, “What are you doing in here?”
In her efforts to prevent her fall, Faith had dropped the lacy pink corset on the floor at her feet. She bent over to retrieve it, just as a breeze found the split in her drawers. Startled, she straightened quickly, and ran back up the stairs into her room, and slammed the door behind her.
Holy crap, Faith, what an idiot you are. He must be laughing his face off!
She gave up the idea of wearing the uber pretty clothes and spread the purple dress on the bed. She’d started trying to brush off any loose dirt and grime from the front, when a knock sounded on the other side of the door.
“Please go away.”
“Faith, may I come in?”
“It wasn’t my intention to embarrass you.”
“Yes, it was. I’ve been teased to the point of embarrassment most of my life.” She thought of the many different foster homes she’d lived in, and all the kids she’d had as foster siblings. Most of the memories were bad, others were worse. “But that’s okay.”
“No, it isn’t.”
She whirled at the sound of his voice right behind her and the weight of his hands on her shoulders. The oil lamp went wonky on the bedside table when she hit it with her hand, but Joe steadied it before it tipped over.
“Seriously,” she said, “Don’t worry about it, I’m not.”
Joe picked up the corset. “Neddie has gone shopping and won’t be back for a while. If you’ll turn around, I’ll tighten the laces for you.”
She eased away from him, taking her purple dress with her. “I’ll just put this one on again. It doesn’t look too bad.”
“It won’t take long and, no offense, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you in another dress.”
Faith took a minute to reason through what he’d said. Even though she was essentially in her underwear and, except for the slit in the seat of her drawers, she was far better covered than when she wore her bikini to Lake Ray Hubbard. One other reason finally made up her mind.
“Well . . . “she said, smiling and reaching for the corset. “Okay, I’ll accept your offer of assistance, but only because I really want to wear your sister’s beautiful dress.”
“Thank goodness, that’s settled. Come over here.” He took her hand and led her to the foot of the bed. “Now put the corset over your head and hold on to the post.”
She followed him, and then did as he instructed. Standing at the foot of the four-poster bed, she grasped a post with both hands. One of his hands held the ties of the corset at her waist, while the other pulled and tugged the laces tighter drawing the two back sides closer together.
Her mind immediately went to the disaster movie about the Titanic, where Rose’s mother laced her up, while giving her the tongue lashing of her life. A very unsettling moment for Rose. Faith’s own experience, however, was unsettling for a vastly different reason.
Each time his fingers slipped between the crisscrossed cords and her chemise, she had the sensation of being scorched. She closed her eyes and imagined his hands touching her bare skin. Heat concentrated and moisture pooled in places she’d forgotten about in recent months. This was without a doubt, one of the most erotic moments she’d ever had.
His hands stilled at her waist, and then bracketed her upper arms. He pulled her to him, lowered his head and kissed her neck just below her ear.
“You smell good.”
“Umm,” she crooned, leaning her head to the left to give him better access. “I found a bar of lavender soap in the trunk.”
“It’s more than little purple flowers,” he breathed the words against her temple as his left hand traveled up her neck to clutch a handful of her hair. “You smell down-to-earth, sensible, and exotic. You smell like . . . woman.”
“You not only kiss like nobody’s business, you talk real nice, too.” She turned to face him, locking her arms around his waist. Leaning into him, she laid her head on his chest. “I’m going to tell you something, Joe Benning. And I hope you aren’t shocked.”
“What’s that?”
“I haven’t had sex with a man, since my divorce from Teddy Gaines. Haven’t even dated once, but . . . I want to have sex with you.”
When he didn’t answer her for several heartbeats, she knew she’d probably stunned him speechless. Well, wasn’t that just her luck? Find the perfect man, after traveling to another century, and then turn him off before she even got out of the gate.


While the cover of Faith and the Texas Lawyer says sweet, the inside is certainly more spicy. Lovers of time travel romance will appreciate that there is roughly equal time given to past and present, though Faith is certainly a fish out of water, so even the historical parts have a contemporary feel to them. Readers who don’t normally enjoy a historical novel might find they really like this one.

For anyone looking for a story on the Galveston Hurricane of 1900, this is a light read that will give you some feeling of that time.


Author Bio:


Carra Copelin is an award winning and Amazon Best Selling Author. She writes contemporary and historical romances but, unlike so many other authors, didn’t write from childhood or read long into the night beneath the covers with a flashlight. She found romance novels as an adult. After reading about a million, she discovered numerous people residing in her head, all looking for a way onto the printed page. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Past President of Yellow Rose Romance Writers, plus she regularly contributes to romance blogs, Sweethearts of the West and Smart Girls Read Romance. She is a member of The Daughters of the American Revolution and The Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Carra and her hero live in North Central Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where they enjoy family and their three beautiful grandchildren. In addition to writing and researching with her fabulous critique partners, she enjoys her Bridge group, crochet, and tracking down relatives through genealogy.

You can follow Carra on Facebook! Carra Copelin

or at her website: Carra Copelin


To enter to win an ecopy of Faith and the Texas Lawyer, leave me a comment below. Do you like watching television shows or reading books about weather related disasters?

Galveston TX on the morning of Sept 8, 1900,

The 38,000 residents of Galveston, Texas were unaware that this day would be their city’s last. They had no idea that before the day was done, 8,000 of their fellow citizens would perish with the city. The culprit was a hurricane. The storm swept in off the Gulf of Mexico packing winds up to 135 mph – a category 4 storm in modern terminology. The storm propelled a fifteen-foot surge of water before it; easily swamping the 8.7-foot-high island that Galveston called home. Together, the wind and the water destroyed everything in their path and created the worst natural disaster in America’s history.
Galveston, Texas – For locals, any reference to “the storm” is obvious. If someone says a house survived the storm, there is no doubt it predates Sept. 8, 1900.
If people say they had family who died or survived the storm, there is no doubt that they are referring to a family history that goes back more than 100 years.

For in Galveston, “the storm” always refers to the hurricane that tore across Galveston on Sept. 8, 1900, and left the city in ruins.

Heat Rating: 4 flames

light touches, no kissing




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    1. Kim, I watch, or should I say devour, news stories and and movies concerning severe weather. I learned so much more than I knew about hurricanes while researching about this storm in Galveston. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment today.

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    1. I have to say I do both book and TV. A visual has a quicker impact, but that author that can get me there with words . . . wonderful. Great to see you here today. After you read Faith and Joe’s story, let me know what you think! =)

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  1. I really haven’t given much thought to this. I would suppose I would prefer reading about weather related stories as I do not care for things jumping what at me from the tv. I watched the movie Titanic through my fingers because of the parts with rushing water.

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    1. Hi, Diane. I know exactly what you’re talking about with the movie Titanic. I have a health respect for water, and the first time I watched it was nerve-wracking. Each time I watched it was easier. =) Great to talk to you again. Thanks for commenting today!

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  2. I do. I loved the movie Twister when it came out. I did not like the movie The Perfect Storm where no one lived! I kept waiting for the miracle to happen at the end, it was a movie after all. I have this book, so I am not entering.

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    1. From one HEA gal to another, I agree with you about The Perfect Storm. After what they and, in turn we, the audience went through, somebody deserved a happy ending! Thank you for reading Faith and Joe’s story, It means so much to me. =)

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  3. I truly enjoyed reading this story! I am not entering because I already had the pleasure of reading it, but as a Floridian, hurricane season is a normality here . This was the first time travel romance book I have read, and it won’t be my last. My husband loved the story as well, so I encourage every single person to read it. It is spicier than most of the books I read, but I wasn’t bothered by it at all, so I may venture out a tad. Highly recommended!


  4. I’m not entering either because I already have the book. I have to agree with the other comments here, this is a super wonderful time travel to read. It has everything, suspense, romance, spicy and titillating encounters, an monumental historical event, and a happy ending!!! The book is a joy to read and flows so well, you don’t want to put it down.


  5. Patricia Rose. You are the winner of the ebook. Carra will be sending you an email shortly, be sure to check your junk folder in case it ends up there. Congratulations!


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