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Making Goals

If you do a search through this blog, you will see that I’m big on setting goals. I started doing that when I decided that this was going to be more than a hobby for me. I highly encourage anyone, no matter what level or time constraint you have, if this is more than a hobby, make the goal.  I have set some pretty hefty goals for myself. I’m not sure if I will meet all of them, but I’m well on my way. Here is a list by month.

January (completed) Release A Ruby Glows on the 5th

February: Do major giveaways all month to kick off release of Dreams in Deadwood, book 1 of the Seven Brides of South Dakota series. Release Feb. 28. (Already with my editor, cover is done)

March: Release Kisses in Keystone March 30, book 2. (MS is half done, cover designer working on a mock up)

April: Release An Ivy Tangles April 28th. (MS is half done)

May: Release Love in Lead, book 3 May 26 (my birthday!) (notes have been written)

June: Release Romance in Rapid, book 4 June 30.

July: Release Hearts in Hill City, book 5 July 28.

August: Release an as-yet un-named Cutter’s Creek novel on August 18.

September: Release Courting in Custer, book 6 September 29.

October: Release Passion in Pierre, book 7 of the Seven Brides series Oct, 27.

November: Christmas novella tentatively titled Minnehaha Mistletoe Release November 25th.

December: Release From This Day Forward, book 4 of the Western Vows series. December 29 (first few chapters done)


I’ve already got my editor on retainer and my cover artist on speed dial. I’m excited for this new year and I’ve been planning for it for months. How about you?

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