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Progress and Developments

I’ve just hit the 30% mark on Love in Lead, my May release. If you’ve been following along, I had A Ruby Glows release in January, Dreams in Deadwood in February, Kisses in Keystone is ready for release Feb. 25 (ahead of schedule). April’s release, An Ivy Tangles (Cutter’s Creek novel) is with my editor right now. I am on target to get all 12 releases planned for this year.

Here’s a little known fact: I give away a print ARC copy of every single release exclusively to my newsletter list. If you aren’t there, you should be! You can find me RIGHT HERE!


Speaking of releases, I will have a surprise coming soon that wasn’t on my schedule, it’s a special project just for fans (and future fans) of Cutter’s Creek.

Here’s a sneak peek of the prequel to the entire Cutter’s Creek Series, Montana Trails.

Alton pulled up a chair as close to her bed as possible without jostling her and handed her the steaming mug. “Careful now, my story’s no good if you burn yourself.” He really couldn’t help but dote on her, he always had. She’d felt cherished almost from the time they’d met. They had been so much in love that it clouded her memory of what life was like before him.

The town was now bustling with people who she loved to look after. Though they had no children of their own, every child and now most of the adults called her Grandma Cutter instead of Florence. She gripped the cup in her cold hands and gazed up at her wizened husband. “All right, I’m awake and you have my attention for one hour.” She tapped on his pocket watch hanging over his belly. “You’d best check the time. You tend to be long-winded.”

Alton laughed and flicked open the time piece. “Yup, the hands are still there. Now, you get cozy. I’m going to tell you the story of the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“I think I’ve heard this story before.” She yawned but her heart warmed at his words.

He chuckled, the soft noise a sweet rumble to her ears. “Well, even Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun.”

She shifted into her pillows and focused on his face. The same face she’d fallen asleep next to for over twenty of her fifty-five years.

Alton leaned back in his seat and scratched his chin. “Now, where was I? Oh, yes. The most beautiful woman in the world.” He reached over and patted her hand. She knew who he was talking about, she’d been the subject of all his stories. “This is the story about how the most beautiful woman came to live in the most beautiful place in all America, maybe even the world. It all starts one dreary morning in Missouri when… oh, what should I name the most beautiful woman?” He thrummed his fingers over his chin and smiled. “Ah, I have the perfect name, Florence. Florence received a letter one day while at her teaching position at a stuffy Missouri school.”

She smiled at him. “Alton, be kind.” She laughed. “I think this is going to be a good story.”

“It is.” His eyes twinkled. “I already know the ending.”

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