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An Ivy Tangles has released, and at a reduced price

I considered putting off the release of Ivy, because I lost my dear mama last Sunday. However, she loved the fact that her daughter was an author. The book has been ready for weeks, so in honor of Mom, I’ve gone ahead and released it. I hope you love Ivy and Levi’s story as much as I loved writing it.

Ivy Masters is done running from her dead husband and haunting memories, but how can she start over again without money or family to help her?
Levi Towne has known heartache and disappointment, and is now determined to find a wife who’ll meet his needs but leave his heart out of it. When his letter to the mail-order bride service goes missing, he figures it’s a sign he’s just meant to be alone. But fate has other ideas.
Ivy can’t believe her luck when she stumbles upon a letter to the Bride Gazette. She meets all Levi’s requirements, and doesn’t mind his desire to keep things simple. As the days pass and she gets to know Levi, Ivy can’t help but want a true marriage. But when Levi and Ivy’s troubled pasts unravel, the tangle of secrets they both hide can either strangle their future or make love bloom in their hearts.

An Ivy Tangles, by Kari Trumbo, an emotional love story that will keep you turning the pages.

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