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June Weddings Book Giveaway

I am a part of so many promotions right now! If you’ve never had the chance to read one of my titles, this is the month to enter to win one!

The promotion is all about weddings, because, who doesn’t love a happily ever after with a beautiful wedding? I know I do! That’s why I chose A Lily Blooms for this particular promotion, both the first and last chapters of the book are a wedding scene. Isn’t that perfect?

In A Lily Blooms, Lily Davidson is in love, or at least as infatuated as a seventeen year old heart can be, with James Cahill. Trouble is, he’s getting married! When she lets her imagination get the best of her and stops his wedding, she’s mortified! 

Five years later, James can’t forget the girl who interrupted what should’ve been the happiest day of his life. How could she possibly have known what life with his former wife would be like? Lily is afraid of reliving the scorn from the town if they are seen together, not to mention her mother’s strange behavior, but he must know!

Lily never quite let her love die, but will the ghosts of the past be too much to overcome?


You can enter to win mine and nine other great titles, take a look!

All you have to do to enter is pop on over to Rafflecopter. Good luck!