5 Successful Strategies to Soothe the Sting of Rejection

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Quills & Inkblotts

Let’s face it. Rejection sucks.

No one ever likes to hear, “nope, sorry, your manuscript/project/idea/fill-in-the-blank just isn’t good enough.”

But, unless you’re living somewhere on a deserted island, there’s no escaping rejection.

I recently entered a story in a contest and found myself on the receiving end of some less than complimentary criticism.

To put it bluntly, one judge hated my manuscript. I was accused of having monochromatic characters, stray conversations, and no clear conflict. I even got marked down for grammar.

Me. I love grammar. I mean, I love grammar.

Instantly, I was back in high school that time I told a guy I liked him, and did he like me back, and he said, ‘ya know, I’m concentrating on school right now, and I’m not really looking for a girlfriend.’ And then literally two days later he starts dating someone else, and I’m having my own private When…

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