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A little rebranding on an old series

My Western Vows series is now over two years old, and it’s on its third (and last) cover. I promise.

I started out with a premade cover that I felt kind of looked like Meg and had as close to a western feel as I could find.

Then, I won a free cover from Stephanie Adams for my prequel and suddenly…the covers didn’t match as far as branding. So, a new cover was in order. And, while the new cover for To Honor and Cherish was so beautiful, it lost the western feel, and though Meg had the right color hair and eyes, she was far too dressed up for Meg.

So, now I’m slowly having these books deeply edited and re-releasing them. To Honor and Cherish was released a year ago, For Richer or Poorer will release in about a week, and To Love and Comfort should release in January or February of 2018. Without further ado (even though I think it deserves some ado), my newest, and final, cover for To Honor and Cherish.

4 thoughts on “A little rebranding on an old series

  1. Kari, I like your third cover the best. The image is eye-catching and suggests the genre and setting. The font treatment is well done. The colors in the second are also appealing but the image doesn’t infer “western.” I wish you the best in your writing journey.

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