Timeless Love, the collection to benefit LiveStrong

After over a year of planning and preparation, the Timeless Love Collection is now on preorder, for just $.99.

I can’t tell you just how excited I was to see this book available for sale. It started as a dream, a wee idea that wouldn’t let go. I wanted to write with some of my Christian author friends…but we all write in different sub-genres. The only way to pull it together would be for us to either step out of our comfort zones (and away from what our readers read from us) and all write the same…OR we could do what we did…

We wrote stories that span the ages.

Starting in 1812, Andrea Boeshaar weaves a tale of romance, danger, and spies! Followed by Misty Beller whose heroine is trapped on a freezing mountain! Next up is Stephenia McGee’s story of accepting our path for what it is, not what we want it to be. Dawn Crandall follows with a late-Victorian story of life redemption, so sweet! My story is next, a western/pioneer story, does your past make you who you are today? Pepper Basham brings us a WWII tale of unrequited love and espionage! Last, but never least, is Sarah Monzon who takes us on a journey to romance literally through the pages of a book.

There’s something for any Christian romance reader in this collection and I hope you absolutely love it. Even better, all proceeds from the sales of this collection go to benefit the LiveStrong Foundation. What’s better than getting to do what you love with your friends? Being the hands and feet of Jesus while you do it.

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