Takeover Tuesday: Kari Trumbo

From an interview with Toni Shiloh.

Toni Shiloh

Happy Tuesday, Reader Friends!

Joining us today for Takeover Tuesday is Kari Trumbo. She’s stopped by to give you a behind the scenes look at An Imperfect Promise. Grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and chat away!

Behind the Scenes: An Imperfect Promise

I was sitting at a friend’s house chatting one day about 2 years ago. My son came in and he was grumbling about something. I asked him to stop, he agreed and I asked him, “Do you promise?”

My friend gave me a little look, but waited until my son answered and walked away before she confessed to me that she never makes promises anymore. Promises are the relationship equivalent of a covenant and not fulfilling a promise is a serious matter. I’d never really thought of it that way. But it got my mind whirling.

What if you made a promise with the best of…

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