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The Brothers are Back!

I loved writing in my fictional world of Belle Fourche. Though it is based on a real town in South Dakota, it is fictionalized, but that didn’t make it any less real to me. Apparently, readers thought so too because they couldn’t get enough.

I got so many messages begging me to come up with a way to have more Belle Fourche that I felt I had to come up with something. But what? I was out of brothers!

Anne (Eli’s wife in Deep Longing of the Soul) has a rather cantankerous brother who happened to show up in Belle Fourche and stay. He was the only real character I had to work with to bring a new set of brothers in, but he and Anne had no other siblings. Dead end.

Saved By Grace

Enter Natalie Oleson (did you catch that) and her three brothers (VOILA!) who have been traveling the south for years, making wooden prosthetic limbs for amputees. Now, there’s a story!

Natalie has no idea she’s just sat on a wasp nest when she asks to help Cody by building him a wooden limb, but it doesn’t take her long to figure out that Cody’s stinging words only last for a short time and his rancor is caused by wounds deeper than a missing limb.

To see how Natalie helps Cody become whole physically, emotionally, and spiritually; And how Cody shows Natalie that the past doesn’t define who you are, and that the Lord is good, always… you’ll have to click HERE.