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Along A Tangled Path

I’m a little over halfway done with my new release blitz of the Brother’s of Belle Fourche novellas.

Only one more to go.

Today, Along A Tangled Path released. This one was such fun to write because it absolutely couldn’t be instalove. Do you know how hard it is to limit yourself to roughly 35,000 words and not have sparks fly from the get-go?

It’s hard.

But I loved the challenge. How would a man feel if he KNEW something was different, but was afraid to say anything?

How would he feel when what he suspected was proven true?

Charles Oleson is known for defending women, but this will test his limits.

It’s fall round up at the Broken Circle O and a new crop of hands sign on for the job. When Charles is assigned a small, mute man to watch over, he despises the injustice. That is, until he realizes there’s more to Will Galliger than meets the eye.

Wilhelmina “Will” Galliger will do whatever it takes to earn her own plot of land, including acting like a man.

Will has pretended to be mute for three years as she’s worked all over the West, just trying to earn enough money buy her own spread. As a woman who had been treated as chattel, she works doggedly for independence. Landing on a ranch with different rules than she’s used to lands her under speculation, and risk of discovery.

Charles and Will fight against an attraction that seems wrong until Will’s secret comes to light. Can she still have her dream of her own ranch and the man she’s grown to love, or will he be unable to see past the shadow of her pretend life?

Scroll up and order this tension-filled sweet romance by bestselling Christian author Kari Trumbo. It’s book 6 in the highly successful Brothers of Belle Fourche series.

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