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A new series featuring favorite regions across the US

About a nine months ago I reached out to quite a few authors and three of my favorites (and yours too) agreed to join me for a fantastic new project.

The Regional Romance Series is unique in that you are getting three stories from each of the four authors, all under one cover. These aren’t just boxed sets. They are one story with three distinct romances inside. Each story will have a satisfying ending. Think of it like a TV Mini-series in book form!

Join me, Kit Morgan, Shanna Hatfield, and Peggy Henderson on a trip through some of the most famous historical places to site-see in the US!


Mine, of course, takes place in the Black hills and features a family you’ve never met. I didn’t want to connect these to the Belle Fourche series, or even the Seven Brides series because I didn’t want to try to force a connection. I already adore these characters and can’t wait to introduce you to three brothers whose aunt is trying to play matchmaker in a slightly devious, but incredibly fun, way.

Take a look at the fantastic covers!

Don’t miss this fantastic series! The preorder pricing is $2.99 each (that’s less than a dollar per story!) However, that will go up after it releases in September. So, don’t wait!

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