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Secret Beach Boyfriend release party!

Nothing ever happens in life when we want it to, right? It just so happens that during my release, my life is in a major upheaval. I asked my friend Denise who is part of my publisher’s team to help me out. Here’s her amazing offering.

Kari, Thank you for featuring my table on your blog. I am really excited about the release of your book, Secret Beach Boyfriend!


When my mom asked me to do a table to participate in the “party” fun for Kari’s release, I was really excited. I decorate the house for all the holidays and had several fun ideas in mind.


Let me give you the list of items we had to use and how they were used to set up this table. We had to use six of them, but I think I was able to use ALL of them (I am a bit of an over-achiever :P).


  • Table Theme (For example: sea, Christmas, 1920’s, Stars wars)
  • Something silver or gold (just the color, doesn’t have to be real)
  • Something Crystal (doesn’t have to be real)
  • Something unique to you
  • Something that represents your writing
  • Something floral
  • A gift
  • Something that offers light
  • Something borrowed
  • Something food related

For the table theme, I chose fall. We are heading into that season and I thought it would be fun!

For silver or gold, I chose silver napkin rings (silverware was just too easy!).

For something crystal, we have the crystal goblets.

The pitcher in the middle normally holds water and water represents my writing. How you say? Well, be watching for more on that.

I chose something floral to do next so that is the pitcher in the middle with the flowers.

Each place setting has a wooden box with a saying on it that was a gift for each person at the table.

Something borrowed is the china. My grandpa bought my mom that china set for her bridal shower. He thought all women should have a set. It is really special to our family. And I think that is unique too so that fits both categories…Or is that cheating?

Something food related are the salt and pepper shakers. What table would be set without salt and pepper?


I think that hits all of the items in the list. WHEW! That was fun!

So…Now that you have seen all the fun at my table, be sure to visit the other authors tables, then go see my moms. While you are visiting my mom’s table, be sure to cast your vote for your favorite table and be entered to win a fun prize package that includes a $20 amazon, a Christmas on breakers audiobook, an ebook of Dual Power of Convenience, Scrumptious Independence, and Secret Beach Boyfriend.


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Thanks for joining me in the fun!

Denise Barela

Don’t forget to get all your copies

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  1. I have to vote for your table because it looks so much like my table when I bring out the china and crystal. I even use to have the same shape table and that table cloth! Thanks for sharing!


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