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Three September Releases

When I was writing my schedule for the month of September – the month the kids go back to school – I didn’t plan for a three release month.

That’s the publishing industry though, things change and sometimes you have to be fluid. Like when you see a solid holiday book season coming, you don’t miss the opportunity to give readers what they want.

Also, when your publisher sets a schedule, you don’t miss a date.

Then there was the book I had planned all along…

So, the book that was there from the start is Black Hills Song. I worked with Kit Morgan, Peggy Henderson, and Shanna Hatfield for a year on that one. We worked hard to make those books amazing (especially since we made everyone wait right along with us).

The middle book, I signed the contract last year but since I had to have the book written so early, I didn’t take note of the date…until June when I became aware that September was looking…busy.

Finally, about a month ago, I saw a steady spike in the sales of one of my Christmas books (Winter in Wonderland, don’t miss it if you haven’t read it). I realized that with the awful Corona, people would be looking for feel-good holiday books. I knew I couldn’t write a complete story in addition to everything that’s in my schedule. So, I talked to my Redemption Bluff friends and we decided that 4 of us would each write a fourth of a story. All connected. A novella to catch readers up with what’s going with their favorite characters and let them know what’s coming in 2021. Ah, the hope of 2021…