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Bookers on the Rocks Release!

If you couldn’t tell from the name, the Bookers are an established couple who are going through a tough time. Their marriage is on the rocks and not the kind you cling to.

I think a lot of marriages go through dry spells, periods where you really struggle to find something good to put in the Christmas card at the end of the year. Hopefully these seasons are few. Since we’re all human, we go through different wants and needs which create periods where our personal needs and desires might oppose those of our spouse. How can we make it through to the other side of those times?

For this release blog hop I was asked to come up with one bit of marriage advice. That’s a tall order. I’ve been reasonably (see above) happy for the last 23 years. We’ve had our bumps, but we keep pressing on.

This advice is what I personally live by. I make no guarantees, because you can’t control what your spouse thinks or feels. You can only control how you feel and how you react to them. My advice is this: remember that love has nothing to do with feelings (visceral) and everything to do with an aim or focus (action). It’s so cliché now, but love is a verb.

What that means in action: Put your spouse above yourself. If they are doing the same, then you are always cared for. Jobs are easier when 2 people do them.

I know, this sounds very righteous. It isn’t easy and isn’t a cure-all. You can’t make someone put you first. You can cultivate love by example, but you can’t force someone to care. But what is wonderful is that if you love, you increase your chances for peace (barring any extreme situations).

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