Brothers of Belle Fourche

This series begins in book 5, Sparks in Spearfish, of the Seven Brides of South Dakota series.

However, you don’t need to read that book to jump right in with book one.
The Brothers of Belle Fourche is a novella series set in pioneer South Dakota. Get Teach Me to Love in the limited time collection, Timeless Love.Kari_Trumbo_Brothers_of_Belle_Fourche_01_Teach_her_to_love_FINAL

Preview! Since you won’t get a “look inside” of my novella, here is the prologue!


Tinton, South Dakota

May 1899

It wasn’t right to pray he would just die. Yet her wicked heart screamed the words she’d learned to swallow over the last year. Her husband, Harland Lawson, was sick with some vile disease he’d picked up from the bordello, and it took more energy to build up sympathy for him than it took to scrub the floor spotless.

“Get in here, you fat monstrosity!” he croaked from his bed.

Izzy bit her lip to keep from saying anything. He’d never hit her before, but broken her with his words, telling her—and anyone who would listen—all her faults, including her most intimate ones.

“You need to get your family here. They’ll take care of me. You’re good for nothing. Never were. Your ma would do right by me, she’d make sure I had good food to eat.”

The truth of his words burned deeply. Her parents would side with him. They’d liked him, doted on him, loved him. The one time she’d tried to tell her mother about Harland and his treatment, her mother wouldn’t listen, saying all new marriages had troubles. It was just growing pains.

“I won’t bother my family over you. I won’t bother with you. Lie in the bed you made, Harland Lawson.” It was the closest she’d come to speaking her mind in so long, her whole body tensed under the stress.

“You’re nothing without me. You can’t teach, because you didn’t finish school. You can’t catch another man, because you’re too big. You can’t do anything.”

Those words had long since lost their sting. She knew she was big, and she had sold every mirror in their home, except for Harland’s shaving mirror, to avoid the visual truth of his words. They didn’t own much of anything anymore, she’d had to sell it all when he took sick.

“When you die, I won’t miss you. No one will miss you. At least I can go to Lula’s.” She stood back from the bed; even weak, he frightened her. He knew her every weakness, and with a few words, could usually bring her to tears.

“I forbid you to go anywhere near that woman! She’s got notions!”

Anger sparked deep and hot in her heart, and she refused to be silent a moment longer. “Go to Hell, Harland.”

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