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On Lilac Bay



The Rosewood Diary

Quin is about to lose all that was good about her history.

She never planned to return to Rosewood House, but now she’s coming back at her sister’s urgent request. When time runs out much faster than she imagined, Quin finds herself lost and alone.

As friends appear—including one rabbit with attitude—to support and help her deal with the truths her sister left behind, Quin must decide if there is healing in letting go of her past. Will her routine existence in New York lead her back to what is normal, or will the calming waves and her sister’s nurse, Paxton, be what her heart has been longing for?

Get the beginning of the Driftwood Bay Series, focusing on family, relationships, and healing from life’s scars.

Tidewater Summer

She put aside her needs for the good of the family until divorce changed her overnight. But when an idea to turn her home into an inn gives her new purpose, will she rediscover herself?

Karla made a vow, for better or for worse. When her husband didn’t take that vow seriously and walked out, she had two choices: sell her home and move back with family or find a new way to provide. Her siblings arrive unannounced to help. Now she can have her cake and eat it too, maybe.

Sawyer Donovan is hired by Karla’s ex to weasel his way in and buy the property from her. He wants it for development and Karla’s ex doesn’t want the ties anymore. The closer Sawyer gets to her, the harder it becomes to put his money above what’s growing between them.

Karla’s siblings warn her there’s trouble with her ex and with Sawyer, they stand firm against anyone who might harm their hurting sister, but will they also keep her from discovering her own strength?

Tidewater Summer is the second book in the inspiring Driftwood Bay women’s fiction series. If you like well-developed characters, emotional journeys, and hard-won happily-ever-afters, then you’ll adore Teri Blake’s touching story.