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Eternity~Staci Stallings

Eternity by Staci Stallings My rating: 4 of 5 stars Aaron's in dire straits, his fiancée has walked out on him, he can't find a roommate, and he hates his number-crunching job. Who does he complain to? His best friend, the one who knows him the best, Harmony. Harmony listens patiently to Aaron, but deep… Continue reading Eternity~Staci Stallings

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Emaline’s Gift

Emaline's Gift Emaline walks down the dark street much more quickly than she would during the day. She tells herself to slow down and scolds herself for indulging silly, childish fears--she's thirteen, after all!--but continues to hurry. There's something spooky about this neighborhood at night and the sooner she can get back home, the better.   The author… Continue reading Emaline’s Gift